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Newton Running Clinic and a Free Massage!

This weekend was just chock full of excitement down at the Cleveland Running Company. For those of you keeping track, this was officially our third attempt at making it down to Shaker Heights (about 35 minutes away) in time for the 9 am start of the store’s Run Club, but our first success. Of course, no weekend run would be truly complete without Linda being injured in some way (two weeks ago, she was run down by a drunk biker, this week, she turned her ankle 30 feet from our doorstep), so this cat went out solo for a nice little 6-miler with Erica, the leader of the group. Upon returning to the store, we were again greeted with a veritable smörgåsbord of bagels, drinks, horribly un-nutritious peanut butter cookie squares, and apples (courtesy of our recent trip to Patterson Fruit Farms). After indulging, yours truly was treated to a free massage, courtesy of a local massage therapist who visits our little club every other week. Once again, this is why brick-and-mortar stores are WICKED AWESOME! Continue reading


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