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Nutella Teff Porridge

Remember Space Jam? Remember Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff (his “special” water)? Well let me introduce you to my Secret Stuff. Although the effects aren’t as psychosomatically powerful as MJ’s brew, my stuff does a pretty convincing job. When the GPS tracker says I’m mozying along at a speedy 6 mph, teff porridge says “Nonsense! This is the ambrosia of the running gods!” And suddenly, I’m related to about 5 different Ethiopian ultra marathoners in 7 different ways. And they all say go faster.

Teff (or tef) is an ancient North African grass that produces hundreds of thousands of nutrient packed (20% of daily iron) seeds. Teff means “lost” in the Ethio-Semitic language, due to its minuscule size. It is a staple in Ethiopian cuisine and is also cultivated across the world because it is an extremely hardy and fast growing crop. How does it taste, you ask? Duh-licious. Toasting the seeds brings out their hazelnut-ty flavor and aroma, which I like to bring out with a generous dollop of Nutella.

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