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Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Congratulations! You are now reading blog entries by a newly guilt-absolved writer. No, I didn’t go to confession–I merely finished some very important pieces oh…72 days past the deadline? Yes, really the only thing Kim Kardashian and I will ever have in common. Phew. During my mad scramble to finish, Eli was put on cooking duty on days I didn’t want to boil pasta. Which was probably just as well that we didn’t have much material for GT because we didn’t have much of a writer. But now we do! Enter, Honey Soy Wings. Wings are always a hit, anywhere. While they’ve been aggressively marketed as “dude food”, it’s just a poorly assessed marketing strategy to promote these delicious bits to the predicted group of most-wings-consumed. “They/The Man” clearly has not witnessed the carnage that results from adding a Linda to a plate of Wings.

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