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Vanilla Porter Beef Stew

Today, right before we sat down to dinner, I told Eli that I had some very sad news. I told him that he deserved to hear it from me, rather than find out on his own…I had used an entire bottle of his new favorite beer for the stew. His face dropped and he looked at me with incredulous despair. But it has gone to a better place! Its happier! It gave its existence more meaning! The simmering whimper didn’t stop until he ladled a spoonful up to his mouth and ate it.

Magic. Pure magic. He completely forgave me when I handed him a new bottle of Vanilla Porter. By any legal means necessary, try this ale. It lends the stew a complex, mellow flavor above the whole yeasty beer thing. The chocolate tones and wonderfully smooth vanilla finish are robust enough to carry a hearty beef stew. There’s a reason we didn’t call this recipe “Beef Stew with Beer” (also known as “Man Stew”), and that is because of the crucial ingredient.

For those of you who are weak-of-will, do yourself a favor and buy 2 cases. Once you take a sip of this beer, you are not going to want to pour it anywhere else but into your mouth!

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