About Us

Hi, we’re Linda and Eli, the two goobers behind the operation that is The Gourmet Triathlete. We met seven years ago on the fencing team at Brown University and have been best friends ever since. We both love food and fitness and wanted to start a blog to share our passion for great meals and awesome workouts. The Gourmet Triathlete is 50% training tips and workouts, 50% amateur epicurean chronicles, and 100% good times.

Linda (The “Gourmande”)

Linda is an undercover nerd, although failing somewhat in the covert department. She believes in chocolate, snorting laughs, and sleeping in. Originally from Queens, NY, Linda moved to Cleveland to keep Eli company and work on medical school applications. Her favorite foods include anything Asian  and baked goods—pastries to be exact—Danishes. Okay, cheese Danishes. Moderation is a difficult word but she’s slowly getting the hang of it. Linda has recently completed her first 5K (booyah!) and hopes to one day also become a tri-ath-uh-lete.

Eli (The “Triathlete”)

Eli is something of a Jack of All Trades (with a heavy emphasis on that whole “master of none” bit). After bumming around in the smallest town in the smallest state in the union (literally) and flirting with the vague idea of making a living in programming – along with several torrid love affairs with game design, marketing, and one helluva woman by the name of NASA – he finally decided that it would be better off if they “just stayed friends”, and moved off to The Cleve to court his one true love – medicine. Since then, he has completed med school and decided that maybe some sun would do him some good, so he moved to Durham, NC where he is now a 2nd year emergency medicine resident at Duke.


Peanut Gallery Auditions

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