Great article for Barefoot Adventurers

Linda recently came across this article from the writer of Born To Run, widely considered to be the book on barefoot and natural running. As it turns out the article is pretty good. It gives a fair bit of history regarding the movement and could serve as a nice, brief introduction to any n00bs out the looking to find themselves some barefoot adventures for the first time. Once you’ve read the article, maybe you’ll even be inspired to read the whole book, which has been more or less continually shove down my throat by this girl (although I have to admit that I still haven’t read it…shhhh!).

Also, for those of you persistent enough to make it to the end of the article, you are probably wondering just what the heck the “100 up” drill is all about — as well you should! Since I’m too busy/lazy to make a video this week, here’s a video of the author making a rather silly demonstration of the drill. Yes, I know it’s not embedded and that’s a pain, but us moochers who don’t host our own website are rather technologically impaired at the moment. More to come on that later…


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