Barefoot Adventures #2: The Beginnings of Wisdom

Now that my feet have mostly healed (Adventures #1 was actually written about a week ago), I decided to give it another go. Linda and I took a nice little jaunt around the block to take in the beautiful sights of downtown Cleveland, and I took the boys out of their rubber cages for a spell.

Again, it felt pretty good to run sans technology. Not that I’m against all forms of advancement, since I’m well aware we were never meant to run on asphalt, and if needs must…Still, that extra spring in my step and the I-could-run-ANYWHERE feeling (for inflection, see Exhibit A…or alternatively, Exhibit B) is hard to resist.

This time, I decided to follow some sage words of advice. That advice was, “Don’t be an idiot…listen to Linda.” Sage words indeed. I let my feet breathe the sweet air of freedom for about 1/3 of a mile before cramming them back into super-max. As it turns out, even that short stint was enough to aggravate my week-old war wounds, so in the end I’m glad I listened. Hopefully I’ll make the most of the quickly disappearing gorgeous running weather that defines autumn in Cleveland to build up just enough callous on my feet to withstand one barefoot run every week or two, since I’ve read that is more than enough to keep the biofeedback benefits coming.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try to find a decent pair of barefoot-style running shoes. If anyone out there in the wide world of the Internets happens to know of a decent running-shoe store in the Greater Cleveland area (or a particularly awesome pair of shoes), please drop a line in the comments below and I’ll definitely check it out.

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5 responses to “Barefoot Adventures #2: The Beginnings of Wisdom

  1. Stephanie

    Ever try heels? Those things will definitely give you some nice, healthy callouses!

  2. Just added you to my google reader, you crazy kids.

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